The main theme of the conference is  Participatory Co-operation. In addition to this, each day has specific themes (see below) and will consist of keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and study visits to different projects and forms of youth work around Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo.

Because of Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union this year, there are a number of conferences happening on the same dates. National-level directors general for youth and the ICY Conference will have some common program elements.

A more detailed program can be found on the Eventos mobile app. You will get instructions on how to download and use the app once you have registered for the conference.

Schedule for the conference 

Tuesday 8 October  16:00-20:00 Conference information desk – pre-registration

Wednesday 9 October – EU and youth proactivity, cross-sectoral co-operation

10:30 Arrival, registrations and lunch at Tiivistämö, Restaurant ‘Suvilahti TBA’
12:00 Welcome to the 8th Intercity Youth -conference
12:30 Plenaries
13:30 Break and coffee at Walkers bus in Tiivistämö Garden
13:50 Plenaries
14:25 Field visits and workshops
18:30 – 20:00 Dinner at restaurant ‘Suvilahti TBA’
20:30 Meeting point – party at Tiivistämö

Thursday 10 October – NGO’s and local youth work, sociocultural interactions, environmental proactivity and city culture development by young people

9:00  Plenaries
10:20 Break and mocktails at Tiivistämö Lounge
10:40 Plenaries
11:15 Lunch at Restaurant ‘Suvilahti TBA’
12:45 Plenaries
14:25 Study visits and workshops
18:30 The City of Helsinki meeting and dinner at City Hall

Friday 11 October – Participatory youth work and today’s updates and futures scenarios in youth work and the conference outlines

9:00 Plenaries
11:05 Break
11:25 Teamwork is now Artwork – workshop
12:25 Conclusions of the conference and participatory discussion
13:00 Lunch in the Tiivistämö Lounge



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