Keynotes and speakers

Welcome to Intercity Youth Conference 2019′ s key notes site!

You can find a short list of some of  the keynote speakers down below.

Cross-sectoral co-operation, EU and youth proactivity

  • Amanda Fearn (UK) / Development Director/ National Youth Agency
  • Leena Suurpää (FI) / Director of Youth Shelters at the Finnish Red Cross and Youth Researcher / Red Cross Finland
  • Irma Sippola (FI) / Project Manager / Migrant Youth Helsinki
  • Jarkko Lehikoinen (FI) / Head of International Affairs/ Finnish Youth Co-operation Allianssi

NGO’s and local youth work, sociocultural interactions, environmental proactivity and city culture development by young people

  • Jonas Agdur (SE) / Chairman of The Intercity Youth Board / Developing quality and competence in youth work
  • Ufuk Kâhya (NL) / Alderman at the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • Dietmar Schintgen (LU) / Youth Director / City of Luxembourg Youth Department
  • Silja Kyytinen (FI) / Director of Sirkus Magenta / Sirkus Magenta
  • Árni Guðmundsson (IS) / Adjunct Lecturer, University of Iceland
  • Marko Kovačić (HR) / Specialist Researcher / Centre for Youth and Gender Studies at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb
  • Jenny Hagglund (SE) / Intercity Youth Netowork
  • Jenni Jelkänen (FI) / Adventure and Environmental Educator / Environmental Education Unit – Helsinki Youth Services

Participatory youth work and today’s updates and futures scenarios in youth work and the conference outlines

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