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Welcome to Intercity Youth Conference 2019’s study visit site!

You can find short descriptions of some of the study visit destinations below. Registration for the workshops and study visits is now closed, and information has been sent to registered participants.

 Cross-sectoral co-operation, the EU and youth proactivity (theme for Wednesday)

  • Youth Works on Rails, Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo Youth Services

Youth Work on Rails (in Finnish: Nuorisotyö raiteilla) is a form of detached youth work that takes place along the rail network in Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki. The youth workers make contact with young people in public and semi-public spaces, such as train and metro stations, shopping centres, streets, parks and events. The focus of the work is 10-18-year-olds and the approach is positive and preventive. The aim of the project is to enhance adolescent well-being by offering support, referring young people to the right services and identifying those at risk of marginalisation. Observation of a variety of adolescent phenomena and the required actions are conducted in close co-operation with other youth services and organisations, police, traffic enforcement, security companies, schools and other actors. Another objective is to contribute to the preconditions of safe travel and to promote understanding between adolescents and other passengers. This study visit will give you a chance to learn about railway youth work in an authentic environment.

A One-Stop Guidance Centre is a place for under-30s, where they can receive free assistance and support for various purposes, from studying and employment to housing and everything in between. There are approximately 70 One-Stop Guidance Centres all over Finland, from Rovaniemi in the north to Hanko in the south.

  • Introduction to Walkers (Aseman Lapset) – voluntary youth work

Aseman Lapset (Children of the station) is a politically and religiously unaligned national non-profit organisation founded in 1990 with the goal of improving the healthy growth of children and young people, as well as enhancing ordinary interaction between young people and adults. The activities of Aseman Lapset ry include active observation, forecasting and if necessary, swift reaction to phenomena affecting young people. The organisation also actively cooperates with professionals from different fields.

Walkers provides safe spaces for anyone under 18 years old. It operates on a low-threshold basis and, if required, is able to provide more extensive support and guidance. Its key elements are approaching young people with a positive and fair attitude and providing them with safe interaction with adults.

  • Vernissa – Cultural space for youth services (combined with visit to Liito)

The Cultural Youth Work Centre of Vantaa Youth Services operates the Cultural Factory at Vernissa, on the bank of the River Kerava. The abandoned building was taken over by young people in 1985, purchased by the City of Vantaa, and refurbished for young people’s cultural use, with youth culture centre operations launching in 1990. Vernissa’s facilities provide a framework for a multitude of diverse cultural and leisure activities. The main users of Vernissa’s facilities are young people and young adults. About 250 young people visit Vernissa weekly for various hobby and art activities, including theatre, circus, animation and cartoons, handicrafts and music.

More than 200 cultural events and dozens of other events are held annually at Vernissa, attracting approximately 35,000 visitors. Vernissa’s operating model is based on cooperation with Vantaa youth and cultural organisations, including the Tikkurila Theatre and Circus School, Tikkurila Theatre, Vantaa Boys’ Theatre and Velmu ry Vantaa Association of Live Music.

  • Liito – a multifunctional space for young people (combined with visit to Vernissa)

The Multifunctional Youth Centre Liito provides young people and young adults with a variety of activities and counselling in life situations. Liito is run by Vantaa Youth Services and brings together youth workshops, leisure activities for young adults, Tikkurila youth centre, Tikkurila Game House and one-stop guidance centre Ohjaamo. Youth workshops (culinary, handicrafts, and cultural themes) are a working environment that supports young people aged 16–29 in tackling issues related to education and training, working life and life management. The workshops support participants’ personal growth, social empowerment, active participation, employability and work skills through communal coaching with an emphasis on practical work.

Diakonia College of Finland is a nationwide private education provider. Our campuses provide training in Helsinki, Lahti and Oulu. We have about 2,000 students each year at the SDO, with more than 200 members of staff. We train professionals to work in the social, health, beauty, humanities and education sectors, as well as in catering and leadership. We also organise pre-vocational programmes, coaching and services for individual training and employment paths and offer general education. We provide further education for professionals and offer services through our apprenticeship office. In addition to this, we offer free general adult education for business operators and private individuals. Project and development cooperation will be implemented jointly with business operators and other educational institutions.

NGO and local youth work, environmental proactivity and city culture development by young people (Thursday)

The Youth Environment Space opened its doors on 22 November 2018. The Youth Environment Space is an open and bright space intended for use by young people, organizations and municipal residents. The space features a hall that also has smaller corners for spending time in, a loft for quieter work and a modern kitchen. The Youth Environment Space will also house a Youth Eco Café, among other things. The multipurpose facilities and terraces can also be reserved for use. The facilities can be booked primarily for youth groups, youth associations and school groups.

Youth Eco Café. Maarit Hohteri, Helsingin kaupunki.

  • Youth Centre Happi, Theatre Narri and Happi Pride, Helsinki Youth Services

Happi Pride is a safe space in Helsinki for 13–25-year-old LGBTIQA+ young people and those reflecting on gender and sexual minority themes. The Youth Services of the City of Helsinki organise, together with organisations, a variety of activities for LGBTIQA+ youth in different locations, such as Happi Pride and Pelikeskus Score gaming centre. The partner organisations are Helsinki Pride Community, Circus Magenta and Regnbågsankan – a Swedish speaking Pride organisation. Living proof of a successful youth participation activity is Ungpride, a co-produced project between Youth Services and Regnbågsankan. Ungpride is an active group of LGBTIQA+ young people who have done great work in both spreading awareness of LGBTIQA+ matters and strengthening the Swedish-speaking LGBTIQA+ youth community.

Theatre group Sankarit (The heroes) is one of 20 theatre groups that use Youth Theatre Narrin näyttämö (Narri Stage) as well as being part of the Sankari activities for young people aged 16–29 with disabilities, in the Youth Service of the City of Helsinki. The aim is to offer young people with disabilities opportunities to do real theatre with peer-to-peer and inclusion focuses. Sankarit’s theatre activities started in 2010. During the study visit, the group members and the instructor will present the activities of theatre group Sankarit, including interactivity and a piece of theatre by the younger Sankarit members.

  • Luuppi Youth Work (on Thursday’s visit to Operation Pulse!) 

Welcome to Luuppi, an open youth house for 13–19-year-olds. We have pool tables, ping pong tables, a dance room, a music studio, band rooms, etc. Most of our young people are from ethnic minority groups. Our 2,000 m2 skate hall is the biggest indoor skate park in Finland and is used by young people and different skate organisations from around Finland. The woodwork & stone workshops provide after-school activities both for children and young people. They are both located underground in the civil defence shelter.

  • Annantalo – Children and young people as thinkers and makers: case Annantalo and Futures Laboratory
Annantalo is a multidisciplinary arts centre for children and young, Annantalo provides a platform for dealing with current issues such as sustainability and climate change. Annantalo is a house for art education, but also for exhibitions, workshops, events and performances for young audiences and their families. During the study visit, head cultural producer Pirjetta Mulari will tell about the activities of Annantalo, but also guide the participants through Futures Laboratory, which is a space and exhibition for phenomenon based learning for all.

Participatory Youth Work and today’s updates and futures scenarios in youth work and the conference outlines (Friday)

  • Oranssi (combined with a workshop in Varia – project)

Oranssi is a youth organization based in Helsinki. The idea behind Oranssi is to provide young people with the opportunity to independently produce their own kind of culture and to self-create their living environment. Oranssi was founded in 1990 and started by squatting empty spaces and by modifying them to suit the needs of cultural activities and housing. Oranssi youth cultural centre is located in Suvilahti area (the same area as the Conference main venue Tiivistämö). A large variety of different kinds of events and activities take place at the cultural center round-year. Events and activities include gigs, workshops, seminars, circus training and theatrical performances.

The rest of the program will be announced soon!

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